Delivering Policy Results for
Innovative Thinkers

Bracy Tucker Brown is the Washington, DC, representative for public agencies, universities, think tanks, non-profits, innovative corporations and a range of other organizations who have a vision that requires action.


the btb philosophy

Every aspect of modern life connects with policies that are made in Washington, DC. From legislation to regulation, funding to oversight, the decisions made in Washington impact our lives, our environment, our culture, our businesses and our education. For over thirty years, Bracy Tucker Brown has been at the center of these discussions.


Our clients + projects

Our mastery of the public policy process and deep commitment to our clients has led to success for led to success for local governments, public agencies, colleges and universities, think tanks, non-profits, innovative corporations, documentary filmmakers, musicians, and a range of other organizations that we have been proud to represent.


our mission

to help
creative individuals,
and cities navigate
their projects while
thought-leaders and
decision-makers to
help clear a path for

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